Change is on the Horizon…

When I began Books and Coffee, like Forrest Gump, I just ran.  Without completely knowing the direction that I was going in, nor the outcome that I hoped for, I just knew that I needed to write. I needed to put words on the page and I needed to have an audience to whom I could be accountable. I had a burning desire to build bridges with my words, so I threw up a hail Mary in hopes that somebody out there would hear me.

Now, like Forrest, I’ve come to the end of my 3 year run. I’ve exhausted the ideas and pressed the bounds of my creativity on this platform. As I turn and look back at the distance I’ve traveled, I can see how my path has shifted a bit. Some of the initiatives I had planned never came to fruition and some that I did not plan developed instead. Nonetheless, I’m satisfied with the progress and feel like it’s time to go home–to a new home, that is!

Books and Coffee is closing, but a new door is opening.

Over the next few months I will be moving content to my new website––with a slightly different focus. I am still here to encourage you—writers and creatives—to pursue your dreams, but I’ll also be doing more!

Here’s What’s New!


Come join the conversation on my new Facebook Live–“Hey Girl!” where my friend Kim and I invite our friends to share their expertise on all kinds of subjects that matter. Whether you are single or married, work outside or inside the home, HeyGirl! is a safe space for girl talk and sisterly support.


I’ve created some fun things for you to download from the new website and more is coming: 2021 planner sheet; wallpaper for your phone, pretty image quotes and scripture quotes for you to frame or print as cards for loved ones. You’ll also find my “5 Ways to Have a Happy Marriage,” “3 Ways to Deal with Disappointment” and a guide for building your own emotional “Coping Kit.”

Plus! Hey Girl is compiling a list of small businesses and featuring our favorites for you to try in our monthly “Hey Girl High 5!”


And, last but not least, get a sneak peek of my forthcoming book, Trust the Process: Writing at the Center! I’m so excited about this one. Come and check it out!

This has been an awesome run! I’ve enjoyed every moment of my time in this blog space. Now that I’m running on I know that great things are in store and I hope you’ll come along!